Dair4u email forms builder


This tour of Dair4u is in the form or a construction project. There are 17 screenshots in the complete tour, which we have consolidated into 10. The purpose of this tour is to create a personal email form.

You can open each image in a new window to show more detail, if you so choose.



The starting place for the tour is found at Forms >> desk_of (illustrated in screenshot by "desk_of" selected under "Forms" drop down menu). Because we are not named Katie, we want something more personal. However, We can't change the form here.

(1) We need to change from Forms view to the Forms_Manager at Admin >> Forms_Manager. Click the highlighted "clone" button for the existing "desk_of" form we have had open previously. (2) Give that clone the name "dennis_desk_of.txt" with ".txt" appended to the base form name of "dennis_desk_of".



For housekeeping, we "hide" the "desk_of" form so that it will not show up on subsequent Forms menu. The "desk_of" form will still be listed in the Form_Manager but in the hidden queue in the bottom panel. The "hide" button changes to "show". The Forms pulldown menu shows "desk_of" now hidden.

We click the only edit button available, for editing the new clone "dennis_desk_of".



(1) We start with a preview of a copied (cloned) "desk_of" form. We click the "edit" button for the header "header_ct". (2) to open up xml code surrounding the phrase "Katie's life" (3) which we change to the phrase "Dennis has something to say". We click "Save_changes". (4) We arrive back at the preview of our clone changed, no longer saying "Katie's life".

We click "new" next to "header_ct" to add a field.



We have a choice of 9 built-in widgets and we could spend a lot time at this stop. We don't dawdle. We pick one of the most flexible widgets, "static" html.



At the static html entry page, we name the picture "Dennis_picture". The html provided is:

                <img src=https://dair.com/telemsg/
                    dennis_reinhardt3.jpg width=25%>

Now we started with a picture accessible on the web. If you are starting with a picture on your computer, you will need to first find sum way to upload it to a photo sharing or file sharing site first. You will need to be comfortable with the privacy implications of anything you do.

We click "Add new field".



Wow! we have our picture on a form.

But, it doesn't look right. The picture should be above "Dennis has this to say", not below it. There are no "up" or "down" buttons to move the picture. We have to leave the Visual Edit Interface to fix this. If we had been perfect and placed the picture differently the first time, we could have stayed in the Visual Edit Interface

We click the tab for the "XML_Edit".



(1) We are viewing the entire XML document in the edit box. The section we are interested in is "doc_body_fields", which we click (2) The "doc_body_fields" is an order list of element names, many of them structural and not otherwise visible. Each of these names indexes into an xml section in "user_doc_body". The names "'header_ct', 'dennis_picture'" appear in order. (3) Edit the order so it now reads "'dennis_picture', 'header_ct'". Click "Save_changes". (4) To arrive back at the Form Manager. We could view the changed order by clicking "edit" next to "Dennis_desk_of".



Instead, we return to the Forms menu to click the form added in this tour: "Dennis_desk_of" with the old "desk" of menu selection hidden. The picture preceeds the heading.