Gmail Spam Trap


Gmail will erratically block email sent by you from your Telephone Message Pad account. Worse, we have experienced blockages on all our accounts. We ask all Telephone Message Pad customers using Gmail to apply Fix_the_trap. To all gmail users, we offer this important tip.


The purpose of this fix is to instruct Gmail not to send Telephone Message Pad email to spam.

When logged int into your Gmail account follow the steps in the instructions.

    Reference instructions to screenshot montage below.

    (1)Gear wheel.              Click the gear wheel to reveal 
    (2)See all settings.        Click this to show 
    (3)Settings General.        Click the tab marked 
    (4)Filters and Blocked A... Move down the page to click on 
    (5)Create a new filter.     Move down the page to
    (6)From:                    Enter and click
    (7)Create filter            Scoll far down the page to
    (8)Never send it to spam    Check box and click Create filter