Usage Tips for mobile devices


Telephone Message Pad is the perfect accessory to your mobile device. It allows you to stay in touch from anywhere with your office telephone activity 24/7 without calling in.

  1. Receive notices of your messages via email on your mobile device.

    • Delegate followup by forwarding the email and/or annotating the message.
    • Tap on the phone number to dial and talk without having to write anything down or switch apps.

  2. Receive SMS text messages when your message is sent via the SMS gateway of your wireless provider.

  3. Access all of your past messages with a single tap of an icon. See the instructions in our setup page at Home>>No-Typing-Login in your account.

  4. Set up your account to receive notification of all message and/or a weekly summary. Users can alter their own settings via Tools>>Preferences. Admins can access individual settings via Admin>>Edit_Users. The settings are then on the detail page for each user.

The Telephone Message Pad web app resides on your screen, just like any native App (top left). With a single tap, you can be accessing a listing of all your messages (bottom -- identifying details redacted). showing an email received (top right).