Hiding Forms from Forms Menu


Here we are looking at eliminating obsolete or unwanted forms from the Forms drop down menu seen by the agent. In the screenshot at right, we are looking at the Forms drop down overlaid on the Admin >> Form_Manager page controlling what is show (requires admin privileges).

Two panels

The Form_Manager page has two panel. The top is identified as "Active form templates". Anything shown in this panel is shown on the Forms panel.

The bottom panel switches between an expanded or collapsed view when you click whatever button is showing. When expanded (button says "collapse_panel"), there is a list of forms using strike out text, as we just did in this sentence.

You switch any given form between hidden and shown on the forms manual by clicking the form name. For example, to hide any name in the Active form template, you would click inside the bottom red circle. To make any of the hidden names active, click on the strike out text.