No typing login

Telephone Message Pad is a subscription system. You must be authorized to use it. Specifically, you need to login before you can use any of the features:

login page

Although having to login does not look like much to ask, it is a significant burden when you are answering a phone call. Your attention really needs to be focused on the caller and sizing up what the call is about quickly.

Thus one of the features we urge our customers to use is the no-typing-login. It replaces the need to access the login screen with a single icon:

apple logo

You still need to log into Telephone Message Pad once to set up this icon. After you are logged in, follow the on-screen instructions at Home >> No-typing-login. These instructions guide you through the process of setting up an icon for:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iPhone and iPad
  • Android
  • Google
  • Generic and other

The icon works because it transmits your name, credentials, and desired destination when you click it. The credentials used for no-typing-login are highly secure and even if breached will not compromise any other account. Your information cannot be intercepted enroute or over wireless because https (secure http) is used throughout the Telephone Message Pad service.

There is a risk if someone steals your computer or gains access to it that they can now access your account without knowing your login credentials. But this does not give them access to any account you have elsewhere. We think this is an acceptable tradeoff but the ultimate decision is yours.

Indeed, we start you off with a secure computer generated password and the no-typing-login allows you to access your account without having to change your password to something insecure, yet easy to remember. In that sense, no-typing-login allows better security though an unshared password at greater convenience.