Privacy Policy

Scope of policy
Telephone Message Pad consists of related web sites. is our public web site, requiring no login nor payment. This policy is posted at is the root domain for our subscription service and consists of one or more subdomains (e.g. Unless otherwise stated, the discussion herein applies to both domains.

Logging information
We log information regarding your progress though our sites. The information logged typically contains time of day, your IP address, what page you saw, what data you entered, which page you visited previously, what web browser you are using, and the like. If you have (or had) an account on TeleMsgPad, we can also correlate this logging information with who you are.

We use cookies on to segment incoming traffic into roughly equal random streams for testing site improvements (A/B testing). This information does not identify you personally.

We use cookies on to "log you in" to your account. The cookie consists of 3 fields: your login name, a "slot" number identifying you uniquely, and a checksum (hash) to deter impersonation by hackers. A future upgrade will likely add a fourth field showing which server handles your account and this policy covers that eventuality. The cookie data is sufficient to identify you personally.

Public Information
If you have (or had) an account on, we can correlate information we know about you personally with activity on, as previously mentioned. This is not applicable to most public users of

We record your login name, password, email address, and other such identifying information. We can correlate that with other information at our disposal such as your activities on either site, email correspondence we have with you, phone conversations we might have, and other like information.

Your customer information
This is not generally applicable to

We have access to the activity records you enter into our system. Such information includes caller name, caller, phone number, recipient email address, content of phone message, and the like.

Disclosure to your recipients
Email that you send from TeleMsgPad contains an optional "Edit" button that allows the recipient to access the ticket for that message (and only that message) without having an account. Anyone they forward that message to, if the "Edit" button is also forwarded, has the same access.

Disposition of Information
We collect information in real time and make backup snapshot copies hourly, daily, and weekly. We reserve the right to retained that information indefinitely or discard it at our discretion. This information is stored on more than one machine.

Disclosure to third parties
We do not disclose any of the information we have directly to third parties. We make specific exceptions to this policy for combating net abuse, collecting money owed us, or cooperating with law enforcement.

We use a third party payment processor to collect payments on our behalf. We have access to personal information you enter into that site and the amounts of any payments. We do NOT have access to credit card numbers, payment instrument PINs, payment instrument expiration dates, and the like.

Further, we reduce inadvertent disclosure by several measures: we do not allow third party advertisers on our site; we presently do not host any third party data logging software such as Google Analytics (subject to change), we do not host any "social" links such as facebook and external links leading out of are manually constructed to remove referrer information before you arrive at any external site. Because these links are constructed manually, referrer stripping is not absolutely guaranteed but we do our best.

As a convenience, we do provide a site search powered by Google, an advertising company. We do not know or assert what happens to information you provide to them.

Your access to your data ( only)
We will provide you with access to data we have for your account which is reasonably accessible and separated. We will not provide access to log data because it is inextricably commingled with other account records. It is impractical for us to copy archived data but we will provide a current copy of all historical data in your account.

Upon your request, we will delete your data from our records on the same basis as we provide you access. This means we cannot delete your log data nor archived data but other data will deleted at your request to the extent reasonably possible.