Closure Performance

Closure Performance report
Closure Performance report

The closure performance report is a timeline view of your messages, most recently entered messages first. The different colors and designations are set up by you to describe your workflow, as described in Leveraging the Ticket System.

You can see at a glance when the call arrived and how long it stayed in an Open state before the call was Closed. Some calls have a more complicated workflow than simply move from Open to closed. This report helps visualize the workflow.

The buttons at right take you to the details of each ticket. The settings at the top allow you to change the parameters of the visualization.

The report above is a simulation of call traffic in a law office. Let us look at the oldest call first and see what kind of information the report provides:

  • 1991 The message was taken early in morning on the 13th and sent to the attorney immediately (white "open" state). It was opened by the attorney about an hour later with no action by the attorney. This setup to allow knowing when the attorney opens the message is described in Message Actions. The attorney does not confer back and the final status is "delivered".

    Note that while "open" and "closed" are built-in states, all the others are defined by you as described at Leverage the Ticket System.

  • 1992 and 1993 A short time later, two more calls come in. The start of the call is offset in time. All three calls are read at the same time and so 1991-1993 are all delivered simultaneously.

    However, 1992 does not show up as delivered because the attorney asks the receptionist to handle this call and so the "delivered" state is too short to register. The attorney uses the "edit" button on the message to make the request so that Telephone Message Pad can track the action.

    The receptionist reads the attorney request and takes action. Here, we imagine the action is placing a phone call. The call is not answered and the receptionist leaves a message and follows up 3 times before finally connecting. During this nearly two day's time, the status is "pending".

    it is easy to lose track of events like this and Telephone Message Pad tracking helps insure that this matter is finally closed.

  • 1994, 1996, and 1998 Show additional calls arriving and delivery to the attorney.

  • 1995 The receptionist was able to answer the phone inquiry and so opened the message in the "closed" state. That message is delivered *is* delivered to the attorney however, that state does not register. The reason is that automatic Message Actions may only transition the state from "Open". The state is not altered. This is an integrity measure to insure states set by the user are not altered via automatic means.

  • 1997 At first glance, it looks like the delegation is being ignored because it is several hours in duration. This may not be the case. The display simply extends the state through the end of the day for readability. if it is about noon, then almost all of the extended state is in the future. The extension to the end of the day visually emphasizes what the current state is.