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Virtual tour of DialogDevil

Below are each of the major tab sections in DialogDevil. Click any screen shot for full size image.

Acquire Target Tab
Use drag and drop to train DialogDevil how to click buttons or which windows to position or close. The entire DialogDevil interface hides itself once the drag and drop has started.

Edit Targets Tab
This explorer style view contains all the windows and dialogs where DialogDevil has been instructed to intervene. Once you use it, you will find many uses for DialogDevil.

Register Tab DialogDevil is shareware. You may evaluate it but must purchase if you use it past 30 days.

Help Tab The DialogDevil user manual may be accessed in focused pages or single page formatted from printing. The built in help system gives you access to our technicians and customer service.

Runs on Windows XP or later or Windows Server 2003 or later (must have administrative privileges). Download | Buy Now (desktop) | Buy Now (server) |

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