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How-To's: Closing a Dialog Chrome shut down
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How to close Chrome didn't shut down correctly

In this howto, you may show image in full screen by right-clicking image and select open in new tab/window.. The numbers in parenthesis are keyed to the images.

You are familiar with the problem that Chrome obscures the page you open with these error messages. Do not close the error. Instead follow the steps below.

Start up Dialog Devil while the error message is showing. You will see the welcome screen. Click the Acquire target tab (1).

The Acquire target tab looks like this. Notice the tool for auto-click (2). We will use that below.

Drag the auto-click "cross hairs" so that is centered over the "X" to close the error (3). Drop the tool and the error message disappears. Bingo. Now whenever you open this particular URL, Dialog Devil will close the error.

However, we desire to close the error on *any* page so there is one additional step.

Click the Edit target tab(4).

Click the radio button in left half of window under Chrome for Chrome Legacy Window (5). On right you see the details for this entry. There are two titles, one each for the control and parent.

The control title (6) is "Restore pages?". Good, we want to trigger on this. The parent title (7) in this example is "New Tab - Google Chrome". You may see a different parent title. No matter. Dialog Devil will trigger only when this parent title exists.

We want to erase this. Dialog Devil will not allow us to simply delete the entire thing. Rather, we need to highlight the parent title (7) and replace it with a single space. Then click submit (8). You will see the parent title disappear, no longer available for edit. Good.

That is what we are after. Now whenever Chrom pops up this error, Dialog Devil will close it automatically no matter what page it opens up or page was closed.

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