XP Support

Telephone Message Pad continues to support Windows XP
Connecting via https in IE7 under XP

No one needs to tell you that Windows XP is going away. Sometimes it feels more like taken away. Many vendors will not let you connect to their service via Windows XP.

Telephone Message Pad does support Windows XP. We have a Windows XP system ourselves and if a problem develops, we can usually duplicate it here. While this does not guarantee we can solve an XP related problem, having the hardware here is a help.

While the service does support Windows XP, our payment reseller does not. To make payments, you can use the browser on your mobile phone, another computer, or send us a check via mail.

A vulnerability exists when connecting via Windows XP: the encryption offered is not as robust as best modern practice. Thus, there is elevated exposure to having your account hacked and we ask that you not access our system with Windows XP if the information is critical. The choice and liability is yours.

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