Call Center Features


Telephone Answering Services and Call Centers (TAS/CC) range from small businesses to high volume operations servicing many clients. Telephone Message Pad offers two levels of service to meet these needs.

Entry Level Operation

For small shops, cost is often paramount. A single owner-operator can take messages for multiple clients. All messages share a single data base. However, the messages are tagged so that messages for any given client can be retrieved.

The tags are applied ad-hoc. If a new client signs up, you can make up and use a tag for them immediately. When a client drops off your service (ouch), stop using that tag.

Realistically, this only makes sense for a single agent/owner and 1-3 clients. As you grow, the needs of multiple clients are going to pull you in the direction of being able to customize your offerings for each client. You need to transition to "High volume Operation" as discussed below.

High volume Operation

Telephone Message Pad has a sub-account feature which allows you to isolate the settings and messages for each client. We have an extensive page dedicated to sub-accounts.

When the phone rings for a client, you want to very quickly go to the entry page for that client. By very quickly, we mean in sub-second time. You do not want to have to login with name and password when the phone is ringing. to meet this need, see our No Typing Login feature to set up a link per client on you desktop. click the link and you are logged in and brought to the client's data entry form.

You may design Custom Forms for each client with special handling instructions and answer script, if any, on the form itself.