Access from Outlook

Opening Telephone Message Pad

icons added to Taskbar
Web link icons pinned to taskbar (left) and two icons added to toolbar (right).
Some users have Microsoft Outlook open full screen during most of the day. When a call comes in, they want a visible web link they can click on to start taking messages in under a second.

For compatibility with any version, you would add web links to the taskbar or toolbar. Each is ordinarily visible when Outlook is full screen and so you have direct on-screen access to Telephone Message Pad.

To set up the icons, log on to your account and select Home >> No-Typing-Login. Make Windows (or Mac if you are on a Mac) your selection in step 1 and follow the rest of the onscreen instructions.

At completion, you will have a web link on your desktop. You can drag that link to any toolbar you have set up. In Windows 10, you can also pin the link to the taskbar by opening the web page, right click the taskbar icon, and select "Pin to taskbar".

Import/Export from Telephone Message Pad

The Detail Export Report in telephone Message Pad allows you to export CSV formatted records from your Telephone Messsage Pad account. The Microsoft Office Support Page then contains instructions how to import either the CSV file or Excel spreadsheet into Outlook.

Thus, there is a clear path to populate Outlook with the Telephone Message Pad records you take.

Telephone Messsage Pad allows you to import your contact list once it is in CSV (Excel) format. This is by no means necessary but is available as an option. The vast majority of customers indeed, do not import existing records but rather quickly build up the records they need as Telephone Message Pad captures the phone calls which come in.

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