Dedicated Server pricing plans

Unmanaged code license Pricing ($ US)
     1 mo.          3 mo.         12 mo.    
per month n/a n/a 2,150.00
per year n/a n/a 25,800.00

Managed Server Pricing ($ US)
     1 mo.          3 mo.         12 mo.    
per month 2,950.00 2,700.00 2,450.00
per year 35,400.00 32,400.00 29,400.00

Unmanaged code license
We license you to run our Telephone Message Pad software on your hardware under the control of your own personnel. We will set up the server on your hardware and train your personnel. We give you access to ongoing maintenance updates so you can keep up to date.

We are not involved in operation of your server and the responsibility for ongoing operation is yours. Because we are not involved in operation, we reserve the right to prohibit licensing where we run significant financial liability. Specifically, we do not offer this option where the intent is to comply with HIPAA, significant adverse affect on human health or live is at stake, or there is large financial risk for us. Select the managed server option or our hosted service instead.

Some of the features of Telphone Message Pad are not available with unmanaged code license. Specifically, the entire responsibility for backing up and protecting the integrity of your installation is yours. The DairTel autoanswer capability requires special arrangement and acts somewhat differently.

Managed Server
We take responsibility for provisioning and operating your server. HIPAA Compliance is a no-cost option with the managed server. See hardware specifics. We are willing to negotiate and sign a Business Associate Agreement. A 2-year commitment is required if you use our HIPPA hardware. We are open to installing and managing our software on your hardware.

Payment Terms
The plans show both per month and per year pricing. The per year pricing is informational convenience only and is calculated as 12X the per monthly pricing.

For a 1 mo. term, the per month amount is due at the beginning of each month. For a 3 mo. term 3X the per month amount is due at the beginning of each 3 month term. For a 12 mo. term 12X the per month amount is due at the beginning of each 12 month term.

You must sign our Private Server License to receive the code. Contact us for a copy.
We may need to negotiate installation, training, and/or customization fees, if any, before actual work starts.