Payments for Changing Users

No cost user additions

If you have a new staff member who is taking over the account of a possibly departing staff member, there is usually no charge. Your account subscription pays for total number of staff and does not depend on who they are.

We do not recommend that new staff take over the login and identity of departing staff. Rather, we recommend that the departing staff member's account be deleted at Admin >> Edit_Users >> old_staff_members_name. Doing this adds an "Add" button on the Admin >> Edit_Users page. Follow the steps for adding a user. Add this new staff member. Then, log in on their computer using the new login credentials. Access Home >> No-Typing_Login and create a new link for them to login immediately.

Permanent and temporary user additions

User additions when your account is already at capacity (the usual case) increasing the number of users require that you contact us to change the limits on your account. When doing this renders payment due, we usually adjust the end date of your subscription with your agreement so that the new expiration date matches the higher number of users on the account. We can also set up a flexible billing that calculates the actual number of users 10 times per month and computes a surcharge or surcredit at the scheduled expiration.