Configuring DairTel

1. Configuration of DairTel is an option under the Admin menu (shown extended).

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2. There are 5 subfunctions under the DairTel service menu. We enter at the DairTel_Service_setup, which is showing as the current tab.

We click on get_DairPhone_number.

3. We click on add_new_DairPhone. The other alternative requires as a pre-requisite that you contact us to manually transfer an existing phone number you have.

4. We request a United States number in the 307 (Wyoming) area code.

5. A clickable list of 4 digit numbers appear. Within the 307 area code you can select specific number in the 205, 227, and 293 central offices. Clicking 1014, for example, in the last row assigns the 1-307-292-1014 number to your DairPhone.

6. We are back at the DairTel_Service_setup tab from step 2, but with a difference. But we have no instructions, known as a template, for instructing our new DairPhone number what to do. The difference is we are now directed to Template_Manage/Select.

7. We have no active template, to be named dispatch.xml. We have a choice of 4 system templates. Clicking the "activate" button copies that template over dispatch.xml. Only the active dispatch.xml file may be copied to your User template library. And further only dispatch.xml is able to be edited with either the Visual or XML Template Editor. We activate the auto_answer.xml System template.

8. The activation is acknowleged by filling in the comment Auto-answer and Notify.

The template is generic and needs our editing. We click the Template_Visual_editor tab.

9. The dispatch.xml file contains 6 tile groups here shown visually with differing backgroud colors.

Here we have expanded the actions and say_list tile groups to expose the fields which need to be customized. For example, the immed_pikup sentence is used by auto_answer (the "Dare" for "DAIR" misspelling is to guide the automatic text to speech program).

Click edit next to notify_me to show a tile with many fields.

10. We normally would customize the dest_sms (used only if sms listed in how_sent) and dest_email (likewise used only if email listed in how_sent).

We can limit who and when we are notified. Only tile names are allowed as entries, drawn from the who_list and when_list respectively.

After making our customizing edits, we click the DairTel_Service_setup tab to return to the main page.

11. Where our DairPhone and active template are acknowleged. DairTel is running and your DairPhone is active (make a test call). At the moment, DairTel access is available only to admins. Click on Enable.

12. A new menu item, DairTel, appears with two new selections Classify Call and Records. The Template Visual Editor carries over from the Admin tab of same name.