Introduction to DairTel

DairTel is a feature add-on to Telephone Message Pad which offers a DairPhone, a computer controlled incoming phone number, to your account. With the DairPhone you may

  • be notified via email and/or sms texting whenever someone calls,
  • have selected calls be forwarded to your cell and/or office phones,
  • receive email transcripts and recordings of mesages left for you (messages only, no conversation transcripts or recordings)
  • flexibly subdivide calls based on caller id selection and/or time period.

DairTel must be configured. This consists of acquire a phone number to assign the DairPhone and the customizing the template used to control its operation. DairTel offers four templates you may select from to start your customization:

  • Do not answer. Disables DairPhone. No customization required.
  • Auto-answer and Notify. Answers all calls placed to it and records messages. Notifies you of new calls. Requires details of what to say and who to notify.
  • Forward all calls. Does not answer call immediately but forwards all calls to cell or office telephone numbers you specify. Optional notification. Auto-answers if forwarded call not answered within 30 seconds (default).
  • Split forwarding with captcha. All of above plus prompts for a numeric entry on caller keypad before forwarding. Very effective in screening out robo calls.

DairTel is in beta test right now. During beta test, DairTel is free but free offer is limited to 100 calls/month.