WorkGroup Features

workgroup color assign

Flexible visible ticket tracking

Telephone Message Pad uses colors to track message status. Open, Appt, and Closed are built in and you may define your own status terms. These can be tracked system wide or to an assigned individual.

A larger organization of 6 or more users has a need to track work progress both by status and individual (see sample ticket listing).

Telephone Message Pad uses color coding for individuals to give quick visual feedback with variations in the coloration to convey status.

Imagine a sales organization with 8 sales and staff support (setup page illustrated). We would assign each person their own color spectrum. We might define Open as spectrum color A and Closed as D. Thus, we can list Open status (on a different page) and see three colors quickly giving a visual indication how many leads are open per sales person. We could also define a new status Pending as spectrum color B to designate that each sales person has started on the lead.

As part of the sales process, there is a credit check and we could designate a Credit_Check status to show that step in the process. However, someone in accounting does this and we can choose to use a system color to designate this step. In other words, we can mix and match tracking colors all the while, retaining which sales person has been assigned.

Of course, if we discover the assignment has been made mistakenly, we can re-assign a ticket. If/when an assignee is no longer employed or changes roles, their open tickets can be listed and reassigned or closed in groups or individually.

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