Business Case

(1) Labor savings

Having Telephone Message Pad records can save you time by

  • Not having to disrupt two or more people asking the call status of account XXX (1 hour/year?)
  • Not having to go back to whoever took a message to read the handwritten telephone number to you (1 hour/year?)
  • Since the message is in email form, you can substitute some amount of email for making a return call. If you spend an hour a day returning phone calls (200 hours/year), it should be easy to shave 8 hours off that by replying to 5% via email.
  • Messages can reach you on the internet and do not require you be back in the office. This allows you to be more productive on the road and respond faster, a double win.

Possible labor savings: 10 hours/year at burdened savings of 10 * $100 = $1000/yr (includes admin costs too).

(2) Revenue improvements

Unlike ordinary Telephone Message software, Telephone Message Pad software has an integrated call tracking system. Taking the message is only the first step and Telephone Message Pad tracks the call to completion. It is then retained in archives. This means:

  • Certainty of call-back, no fumbled messages
  • Because call-backs are better managed and organized, it is likely the average return time is faster.

These process improvements are real. Even a paltry 1/2 of 1% improvement in customer experience could bring in $500,000 * .005 = $2500yr for a small business.

(3) Defensive record keeping

Taxes and lawsuits are the scourge of businesses. Good records are a defense in either case. Our phone message software has the capacity to provide you with the records you need. It is nearly incalculable what having good records might mean to the outcome of any case you have. However, good records will surely reduce the hours any professional spends preparing your case. Consider $250/yr reduced professional fees from better record keeping alone.

The bottom line

We have argued here a value of $1000/yr + $2500/yr + $250/yr = $3750/yr for a small office, without even trying to quantify tax/legal benefits. Given, the cost is less than $300/yr, the ROI exceeds 10X.

For a 3 person office, ROI exceeds 10X.

Use your own numbers for (1), (2), (3) and see for yourself.