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TelephoneMessagePad is a hosted system for taking, distributing, and organizing phone messages.
Your access it via secure HTTPs from anywhere with any device having a web browser.

While Out You know that returning a phone call immediately to a new prospective client is more productive than deferring the call back. We have seen third party reports of academic studies which attempt to quantify this by saying that it is 60X as likely that a new inquiry responded to within an hour will yield a new client vs. a 24 hour response.

However, we cannot locate the original research and must rely on the common sense result that responding quickly before a prospect moves on to the next attorney on their list is the ideal.

On the other hand, interrupting a client who is in your office to take a phone call, devalues the experience of your existing client. .. and for many attorneys, satisfied existing clients are the strongest source of new clients. While you are on the phone, the interrupted client may be thinking to themselves "I wonder if I am paying for this time?"

Managing phone calls and your time is a balancing act for which there is no single one-size-fits all answer. Telephone Message Pad gives you the tools to manage this balance.

Iphone When taking a message, your receptionist can send it to SMS (texting) for your immediate review, email for later followup, or both. You have a choice of how you are notified and with all necessary pertinent information written out.

When messages are delivered via email and/or SMS, they are received in a timelier manner. Faster receipt of messages facilitates a faster response. Messages are less likely to being misinterpreted when they are typed rather than handwritten.

When a phone number is received in a mobile phone, it can be tapped to dial. This feature reduces the need for transcription, making the process faster and less error-prone. The combination of a faster and more accurate result in an improved response to all clients

Ticket Further, not all phone messages are closed merely by calling back. Suppose you need to contact the court, an insurance adjuster, or any third party before you can address the original caller's issue. So, you have your receptionist call back the caller, let them know what is happening. Either of these phone calls could go to voice mail. Closing a simple initial phone call can be complex and it deserves a tracking system to insure each call is fully closed.

Telephone Message Pad has a built-in color coded ticketing system to track the progress of all calls so that loose ends do not unravel.

You can take advantage of the ticket system for secure, 2-way communication. Let's say you are in trial and there is a short recess. You can check all of your messages in a single glance. The session is encrypted and away from the prying eyes of others. Click on a link and that particular message is opened up for reply. Any staff instructions you issue at that point are encrypted. This is better security than a phone call where the opposition can easily overhear your calls so that loose ends do not unravel.

Months, even years from now, the call ticket is stored for instant search and retrieval. That means all of your attorney phone records are always available to you when you need them.

Telephone Message Pad costs less than 1 hour's billing and more than pays for itself in client capture and satisfaction.

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