PerServ - install under OSX

(1) Prep

If you do not already have Python 3 on your Mac, you may install it from

At the time of this writing, Python 3.6.3 is the current version. Do not download Python 2 or figure that just because Apple has pre-installed Python that you can skip this step. You can't. Download and install Python 3 now.

(2) Enable SSL

In Mac Python, installation of trusted certificates is not the default. Enable SSL trusted certificates by following this path and running:

Finder >> Applications >> Python 3.6 >> Install Certificates Command

You can read about more at Finder >> Applications >> Python 3.6 >> ReadMe.rtf.

(3) Extract

Copy the zip file for PerServ to your desktop. Extract the file to a folder on your desktop by double clicking the zip file. Double click the folder and locate

(4) Run

Right click and open it with the Python launcher as shown. Despite just installing Python 3 in step 1, your default Python settings are likely unchanged and the launcher could still be for Version 2. The file figures out if it was started with Python 2 and runs under Python 3 from step 1.

(5) Started

A bash shell and Python shell window are launched. The Python shell window contains debug information and may be ignored unless there is a problem. A successful launch will bring up the PerServ web page.