PerServ allows you to run your own server on your personal computer.

PerServ is currently in preview mode. You may send us an email us to obtain a preview copy. Please include your name if not obvious from your return email address. PerServ currently runs on Windows and a Mac package is planned for the 2nd half of Oct. 2017.

PerServ is written in Python 3.5.1. The package comes with complete Python source code.

PerServ comes with a built-in extension package. The Examp menu (Example) shown is an extension package illustratring how to write an extension.

PerServ is free of cost. We are presently studying an appropriate licensing framework and our inclination (not final) is a permissive framework like the PSF license for 3.5.1 itself. PerServ, Dair Systems, DairSys, and respective logos are trademarks of DAIR Systems LLC and we retain ownership of our trademarks.