PerServ - Tmsgp

Note: this page describes unreleased software. Tmsgp is not included with PerServ

Familiar interface


Fig. 1 TmsgP data entry


Fig. 2 Setup


TmsgP is a partial port of Telephone Message Pad (TMP) to PerServ. Fig. 1 shows the familiar TMP data entry screen. The color selection is missing because PerServ has robust system-wide coloration facility.

Unlike, TMP, Tmsgp is a "fire and forget" application. It does not provide a search function or a show list. These functions are delegated to email. In other words, once a Tmsgp screen is filled out, successive management is done via email.

A minority of existing TMP customers may find Tmsgp immediately useful as is. Others may want to do customization or hire a programmer to extend Tmsgp. Regarding customization, Tmsgp has a static html page in its directory which is used as a template. If PerServ is installed locally, you can edit this template.


Fig. 2 shows the setup screen for Tmsgp. You enter your personal smtp settings into the smtp_settings block. Because those settings are exposed to anyone with access to the url for the port, we recommend either (1) use generic business settings or (2) provide each individual with their own port and restrict individuals to their own port.

The "default_settings" populate the initial entries in the data entry form. Likewise, "system" setting setting of "cc_me" populates the initial screen and thereafter tracks the setting you make. The "opening_pages" starts at the setup page. You can edit it to start at the data entry page.


If you have PerServ on your own computer, you may see the Account app in your link page. Basically, Account is a slightly modified version of the PortMgr. The major difference is that the owner can create new accounts and an account cannot. Each can acquire an available port.