Encrypted communication hosted by you, not some corporation

PerServ runs on your personal computer.

PerServ is written in Python 3.5.1. The package comes with complete Python source code. On Windows, the necessary Python package is included. Mac users must install Python separately.

PerServ comes with a built-in extension package. The Examp menu (Example) shown is an extension package illustrating how to write an extension.

PerServ offers it services via port pairs. At right, we are looking at the default Owner view of the ports via the Port Mgr app. Each port has a list of apps which it supports, here shown as icons under the auth column.

Notice in the top icons, that "Admin" has a lighter button background than the others. The Port Mgr is under the Admin menu. Looking again at the "auth" column, only the Owner row shows the Admin "gears" icon. In this way, the port orientation permits giving different (or same) access to different users of your server.

PerServ is free of cost. There is a live demo at:


with no login required. There is also a

single downloadable zip file which may be installed on either Windows or Mac subject to following:

PerServ, Dair Systems, DairSys, and respective logos are trademarks of DAIR Systems LLC and we retain ownership of our trademarks. We retain our copyright ownership of the source code we have written, any derivative binary files, and documentation we have written. You are licensed to use PerServ and its bundled source code for any legal purpose as interpreted by courts of the state of California, Santa Clara County. You must agree as only the foregoing license allows you to download and use PerServ.