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DialogDevil auto-batch tool
Here we are training DialogDevil to close Python when it crashes. We can set the address of a batch file (command file) to execute on the Edit target tab.

Subsequently, whenever Python stops working, DialogDevil will click the close program button and execute the batch file.

"I have a client with an IBM EDI app that crashes fairly frequently on the RDS server we host, and they'd have to e-mail in to have it killed and restarted. Since installing DialogDevil, they completely stopped requesting help with the EDI app. So, DialogDevil very much seemed worth the money." David Einstein July 2019

New for 2024

DialogDevil is available at no cost. Copy and paste registration code below to convert a 30 day trial copy to desktop license. Change Standard to Server and edit number of users for server license.

   (name)Guest (1 user)(/name)

Keeps Windows Server running

Do you have Windows servers which stop everything because an application (e.g. print server) is waiting for a response? ... or the app crashes? Don't let user complaints tell you your server is not responding. Have DialogDevil make the response which keeps your server running.

Using auto-click

click icon Windows pops up many dialogs which slow you down (e.g. "Are you sure ..."). You can automate these mundane responses which require a mouse click using auto-click.

Using auto-batch

batch icon When the response to the occurrence of a dialog requires restarting a process, alerting someone, or initiating recovery, use the auto-batch tool. It will click the dialog to close it and then execute a batch file you designate.

Using auto-position ... even on multiple monitors

position icon Set the initial size and on-screen position of windows when they open. Rather than some uncoordinated one window on top of another desktop, you arrange the windows you use most to be most productive. Now click each window to memorize size and position and that each window's position in your arrangement is remembered.

Auto-position works across multiple monitors. Note that auto-position sets the initial position when the window opens. When you run the application again and re-open the window, it opens in the position and size you lasted entered via the auto-position tool.

Using auto-close, auto-minimize, and auto-maximize

minimize icon maximize icon close icon These three tools extend the functions found on most windows. Now, you can minimize, maximize, or close specific windows when they start up.

Requirements: Windows (not Mac)

Runs on Windows XP and later or Windows Server 2003 or later (must have administrative privileges). Known to be incompatible with Windows 8 and 8.1 "modern" (tiled) interface. Will not start at maximum UAC (user account control) settings (esp Vista and Creators Update).

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