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1-650-494-7081 (local)
email: DennisR@dair.com

Starts $3.95/month after 30 day free trial

Pricing Formula
DairTel services are calculated and billed monthly using the following formulae:

            Maintenance = $3.95
            Rental      = (DairtelPhone_count - 1) * $8.00
            Rental     += (User_count - 1) * $8.00
            call_min    = callfwd_min + incoming_min
            Services    = (call_min * $.0175) + (autoanswer_min * $.0825)
            Total       = Maintenance + Rental + Services
The $3.95 provides for 1 DairtelPhone and User each. This is reflected in the "- 1" present in Rental computations. The standard DairtelPhone is a toll phone number (caller pays call costs). Upgrading to toll-free (callee pay) is $5.00/month. Adding an additional toll number is $5.00/month and toll-free (8xx-xxx-xxxx) is $10.00/month. Any toll-free number changes Services computation from $.0175 per call_min to $.0275.

If the basic provision of 1 DairtelPhone and 1 User meets your needs, the formulae simplify to:

            call_min    = callfwd_min + incoming_min
            Total       = $3.95 + (call_min * $.0175) + (autoanswer_min * $.0825)

Pricing examples for DairTel simple single billing formula. Assumes 1 user/1 DairtelPhone and no added rentals. All incoming and outgoing calls (both in case of forwarding) are billed at $0.0175 per call-minute. Autoanswered calls are billed an added $0.0825 per minute.
We have computed this function and charted several waypoints between 0 call volume for an entire month up to 15,000 call minutes and autoanswer over same range. These are only examples to illustrate our pricing and allow you to evaluate competitors. But realize, DairTel is not locking you into an rigid plan that sells you minimum billing minutes you have paid for but cannot use.

If you call forward the call, the DairtelPhone inbound and outbound legs each count separately toward the call_min calculation. A forwarded call lasting 0-60 seconds is counted as 2 call_min (1 each for call_fwd and incoming) and 61-120 seconds is 4 call_min.

Service Terms
After you open an account, you will be asked to place a credit card on file to access the DairTel menu. You will have 30 days of trial service free of charge provided your account remains within $25. Running up greater charges during the trial period triggers a review where we may solely decide to pause your account, start immediate billing, or extend your trial limits. If you anticipate use during trial period exceeding $25, we would appreciate a heads up.

Autoanswer-minutes are charged only when the caller leaves a voice message. A message lasting 1-60 seconds is charged $.0825 autoanswer plus $.0175 basic call or $.10 combined and 61-120 seconds is similarly charged $.20 combined. Longer messages beyond 120 seconds are ended at 120 seconds.

We invoice you for each month's charges on the 3rd of the following month and then charge your card on the 13th of the same following month. Your first and last month of service may be partial months and may have charges and allowances adjust proportional to days of service during month.

We respect your right to privacy and will hold your private information in confidence. We will not divulge your personal information to third parties. However, we may divulge your information for necessary reasons having to do with net abuse, collection of money owed us, or to comply with law.

How to pay
There is no "pay now" button on this web site. Payments are only taken inside the service itself drawn against your credit card maintained on file.
Money back guarantee
If either you or we are not satisfied with the program or the relationship, your unused subscription will be refunded.

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