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DairTel Install Tour

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This tour consists of 6 stops. The tour starts with opening an account and ends up demonstrating DairTelPhone auto-answering in your custom message and transcribing the message.

Each tour has a right-hand page graphic which serves as reference documentation. For example, the graphic at right show a filled in form with sample data. The graphic serves as its own documentation. It may be too small to see on this page. Right-click the graphic and open the graphic in its own tab or window to see the graphic full-sized.

You will see the Setup_Account has a red circle, indicating a selection made.

However, please note the recent addition of a preliminary stop: After you click Setup_Account and are signed in, you need to visit Help >> Payment Console in order to place a credit card on file with FastSpring. The card is not being charged at this time. Once you register at FastSpring, the delay should be about 5-10 minutes during office hours before FastSpring notifies DairTel of the update. Placing credit card on file will unlock features we will discuss in the next tour stops.