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9/13/2020 Add a new phone identity

$3.95/month + usage charges

DairtelPhone 2 taps away from icon on home screen sets up your phones own dialer to call your DairtelPhone and redial to your final destination
DairtelPhone allows you to have a separate phone number on the web over and apart from any phones you have now. You call place calls directly to it via your cellphone or even landline. The DairtelPhone forwards your call to your desired called party. From the perspective of that called party, the DairtelPhone call you make appears to come from the DairtelPhone with its own separate caller id, not your cell phone, without affecting phone call quality.

On the incoming side, if someone other than you calls your DairtelPhone, the call is routed through a filter which screens your calls. That screening provides for single destination forwarding, forked forwarding(several numbers simultaneously), sequential forwarding (one after another), auto answer, DTMF (touch-tone) challenge, announce-only, or no-answer.

Who wants this?

  1. A volunteer for a charity or political cause does not want her private cell phone information exposed. When an outgoing call is made with DairtelPhone, return calls are made to the DairtelPhone where they can be filtered, not to private cell phone number.
  2. A teacher needs to sometimes contact parents at work and wants MIDVALE SCHOOL to show in the caller ID. If the school itself wants to provide all teachers with the same capability, they need to have a pool of DairtelPhones (in the range 2-5 for 2 dozen teachers) to accommodate simultaneous use.
  3. A startup wants to project a professional image with a 855- inbound toll free number that they can publish even before an office is established. On being called, the call can be fork forwarded to simultaneously call all three founders with the first to answer taking the call. Due to outbound toll free restrictions, they would have a second ordinary phone number for outbound calls having their desired caller id STARTUPS R US.
  4. An independent contractor, realtor, driver, lawyer or any professional wants to separate out their personal phone traffic with their own caller id (15 alphanumeric characters max with some displays showing only the first 9 or 12).

To operate your DairtelPhone, you tap on the DairtelPhone web link we provide on your phone's home screen. This calls up a web page (middle pane of graphic) allowing you to either specify the destination number or select from a list of recent calls. The final pane allows you to select from multiple DairtelPhones. If viewing the web page with a mobile phone, tapping a link directs your phone's native dialer to place the call. If viewing the web page on a PC, you can similarly use the PC's dialing capability or manually call your DairtelPhone number manually.

8/9/2020 DairtelPhone call fork and forward

Sequential and/or simultaneous ring of destination phones starting $3.95/mo

tap DairTel icon from home screen

and see your phone calls at a glance
Suppose you have a hot new web idea. You want to advertise to the world, but publishing your private phone number on the internet. is never a good idea. A DairtelPhone gives you a business phone number that can forward directly to you without publishing your actual number. You can forward to yourself at several phone numbers and pickup whichever one suits you (caveat: autoanswer at destination(s) poses multiple challenges and we recommend turning off all destination autoanswer when forwarding to self and let DairtelPhone perform central autoanswer).

The low price of $3.95/month allows you 100 call-minutes per month and keeps your DairtelPhone active while you are just getting started. We have other competitive plans which we apply to obtain the lowest cost automatically every month. You do not have to sign up for a fixed plan and then either overpay because call volume drops or excessive overage charges because you picked the wrong plan for that month.

DairtelPhone can auto-answer, forward, or hang up on callers filtered by who they are and when they call. So, you can set up a time-based rule for 9:00-5:00 Mon-Fri to call fork (also call splitting or call multi-ring). We can also set up telephone-based rule for, say, handling calls from all 8xx-xxx-xxxx toll free numbers or down to a specific phone number that runs first and prevents forwarding. You can also target rules so time and telephone are combined so that calls from telephones specified in "sales_call" after 5:00 p.m. are autoanswered and not forwarded.

DairtelPhone numbers and forwards are restricted to North American service (Canada, USA, Mexico). Other geographic service available if you contact DairTel.