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Final Answer

Do you have a phone you must answer for a person who has passed away? Far flung relatives and past associates may call years after. So you want the phone answered and not returned to the telephone company when you cancel the phone line or wireless subscription.

But answering or even dealing with the telemarketers, bill collectors, shady offers, or even mistaken lists just gets to be a burden as the time goes by.

Let us take that burden from you. Port the number to us and we will computer-answer the phone in a computer voice. The computer can filter the calls using flexible criteria so that undesired calls are blocked or handled by computer.

We start you with a default message inviting the caller to ring through to you on your phone without revealing the forwarding number. You have control over what the computer says and does.

Other applications
There are other occasions when you want your phone attended to and you are unable to do it yourself:
  • months-long travel
  • long term hospitalization or other extended care
  • military service
  • legal and jail
In these cases, you might not want to turn a telephone line back to the phone company or cancel wireless service. Rather, you would forward the phone call to us and cancel the forward when you no longer need it.