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DairTel Call Records

DairTel maintains real-time records of calls it takes. You may access these records from the user interface under DairTel >> Call Records. Below is a screenshot of an actual call record page with caller names and telephone numbers redacted.

This screen shot is showing a detail page for the month of 2015 Jul. To reach this, we clicked at (1) and then (2) to show the records for the day 2015 Jul 07. We picked the day with the fewest calls just so the screenshot was more manageable. In the column called "count", the number of messages is 205 for Jul 01, 245 for Jul 02, etc.

In the detail for Jul 07, the message count starts at 1 and reaches 17. The summary line for Jul 07 reflects this at (3).The message number runs from 30516 through 30532, consecutively. If we have stopped and started DairTel, the numbers would not have had gaps. We can click any message number to view that message in a new window. At the bottom of the count column, the message total is 1309. This emphasized number is what the monthly billing is based on. At the time the screen shot was taken, July was still in progress and 1309 merely the month to date total, not the total for the entire month.

The caller number shows calls from different area codes. The phone numbers are in international format and "1" happens to be the country code for the USA. The destination is the same area code and, in fact, all destination numbers are identical. The destination is the cloud-based telephone number assigned to this account.

The call minutes for each call is either 1 or 2 here. DairTel has the ability to reject calls and the call minutes would be 0 for a rejected call but this capability is not used here. The total number of minutes is 21 at (4).

To collapse all the detail, click at (5). If we now click on 2015 Jun, we will see the daily summary for the month of June.