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We have developed several resources for network operations centers and server operations.
  We have saved techs from getting out of bed to reset a blocked server. We don't solve every problem but we DO solve it when the cause is the program is waiting for a dialog box mouse click. And we have kept the indexing machines running for a legal forensics which saw work stop when the print server popped up a notification.

DialogDevil was first used as a personal productivity tool for dismissing pointless dialog boxes. It is still popular in this role as well.

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  TelephoneMessagePad automates telephone message taking and dispatching. It is a ticket system for telephone messages. Management tool allows tracking in one visual chart real-time tracking of open/close or other status color annotated by responsible tech.

TelephoneMessagePad is a subscription service (cloud) that supports any modern web browser with support for a broad range of hardware platforms.

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  DAIRGram is a brand new, freely licensed, free, portable, Python-written http/https server. DAIRGram enables creating powerful Python programs having convenient and powerful integration with html. Our Museum is a Python based web site constructed over two weeks including code development and curating content.

Supervisory level tools feature the Facet app successor to Facet-Eye & Papparazzi. Other supervisory level tools include, Outline, XML Edit, Dashboard, and PortMgr.

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  We manage the network-operations-center page on facebook.

The network-operations-center facebook page is open to serve NOCs/micro-NOCs and computer command/control centers. We post/read observations, have discussions, and preview new products.

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