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  A neural net architecture is proposed which solves the task of learning the connections needed to solve the 7 segment display problem in a single pass through the training data.

Posted Dec. 31, 2023

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  In the absence of known values, we have estimated ChatGPT4 information capacity at 32.7 TB and compared to the human brain at 1000 TB. We then break the historical 13.5% yearly growth of AI model size into 5 scenarios and project man-machine capacity balance in the future.

Posted Oct. 25, 2023


  Chat25 makes the words of ChatGPT into a word puzzle where you guess the missing words letter by letter.

We have given ChatGPT a prompt to produce a speculative 25 word output "quote". We block out a few of the words and it is up to you to fill in all the blacked out letters on either of the two keyboards.

The goal is to make as few mistakes as possible completing the puzzle.

Here we show the puzzle having the prompt "25 word philosophy from Carl Sagan". Other prompts are "25 word summary of 20th century", "25 word joke told by hermione granger", and others. There is a built-in suggestion box for suggesting new prompts.

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  Lawfter was conceived 2015 as a business entertainment with our own Telephone Message Pad helping out as a narration device.

Work ended in 2016, capped with perhaps the best work, coverage of the 2016 republican presidential debates.

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  Frequenkey is the word game I want to play: multiple word lists, view the lists, dual key board with frequency of letter occurrences, Autoplay, and other controls. It is not limited to a single game per day, requires no signup, and does not store anything on your computer. Automatically eliminates words differing by a single letter so you don't ever get trapped trying to guess between "bill", "dill", "pill", "mill", ...

Frequenkey resembles Wheel of Fortune from TV with the major difference being the words are independently drawn from a common source and do not comprise a phrase (example: all words used in Lincoln's Gettysburg address or chemical elements).

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  We have saved techs from getting out of bed to reset a blocked server. We don't solve every problem but we DO solve it when the cause is the program is waiting for a dialog box mouse click. And we have kept the indexing machines running for a legal forensics which saw work stop when the print server popped up a notification.

DialogDevil was first used as a personal productivity tool for dismissing pointless dialog boxes. It is still popular in this role as well.

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  TelephoneMessagePad automates telephone message taking and dispatching. It is a ticket system for telephone messages. Management tool allows tracking in one visual chart real-time tracking of open/close or other status color annotated by responsible tech.

TelephoneMessagePad is a subscription service (cloud) that supports any modern web browser with support for a broad range of hardware platforms.

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  DAIRSys is our site hosting the Dennis Reinhardt and DAIR Systems LLC Museum.

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  We manage the network-operations-center page on facebook.

The network-operations-center facebook page is open to serve NOCs/micro-NOCs and computer command/control centers. We post/read observations, have discussions, and preview new products.

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