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We offer several services to businesses for managing incoming telephone and internet traffic.
DAIRGram more info ...
DAIRGram is a brand new http/https server architecture with the objective of making combining Python and html as convenient and powerful as embedding PHP in html.

Facet-Eye more info ...
Facet-Eye consolidates several html pages onto a single page. Paparazzi adds a real-time multi-monitor screen recorder and a realtime screenshot history viewer.

facebook more info ...
Our network-operations-center page on facebook serves NOCs and micro-NOCs, computer command and control centers.

PerServ more info ...
PerServ is a networked server intended for deployment on windows and mac personal computers. It has built in support for arbitrary 1-way synchonization of a network. It's basic document type is the collapsable outline.

TelephoneMessagePad more info ...
TelephoneMessagePad offers a fast, accurate telephone message taking service over the web compatible with all major computers and mobile devices. Messages are delivered via email.

TelephoneMessagePad is a subscription service (cloud) that supports any modern web browser with support for a broad range of hardware platforms.

DialogDevil more info ...
After you have established a working pattern with a program, save time by letting Dialog Devil automatically click nagging reminder buttons intended for beginners.

DialogDevil runs under Windows since 2000.

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