Free add on to Telephone Message Pad

Base Pricing

DairPhone is built on top of Telephone Message Pad (see tab at top left of page). Pricing varies between $6.80 to $9.95 per user per month. All service is pre-paid. See Telephone MessagePad pricing for further details.

At least one admin user must be configured. Each person having use of DairPhone must have their own own account as well.

Free DairPhone

All users may access basic DairPhone functionality at no added cost beyond Telephone Mesaage Pad subscription. For example, there is no added usage cost for using the address mapping facility. There is no added usage cost for placing or receiving direct (non-proxied) phone calls.

Paid DairPhone

There is a $.0214 cost per minute (with 1 minute minimum) for placing or receiving phone calls through any DairPhone number. Additionaly, there is a fixed $2.25 DairPhone fee per phone number. These costs are debited to your pre-paid account and reduce the term of your subscription by the amount of charge.

Descriptions elsewhere in this site describing calls having business caller id, common phone number, ringing phones simultaneously, etc. are based on paid DairPhone service.