Employee second phone number: one phone

Save: DairPhone is $USD .0214 per minute and 6.80 to 9.95 monthly


DairPhone is a virtual phone for use by outside sales, remote contractors, and all mobile workers. It is also a useful alternative to issuing company phone and avoids the pushback from (most) employees who do not want to carry two physical phones.

All workers retain their mobile phones for their personal business but use the DairPhone app for placing and receiving business calls. After selecting a contact record from shared archive, workers can place call or pull up street address map.

Outbound calls

When mobile worker place outgoing calls with DairPhone, the caller name is your business name not some generic like "wireless caller". The called party sees the call coming from your DairPhone business number.

Inbound calls

When the called party returns the call, you can configure whether the call goes to the worker, your office switchboard, or both. Customers benefit calling your business because they are more likely to get answered than if the call back was to mobile worker only.

Never lost: from DairPhone call up selected address and directions

Businsess advantage

If a mobile worker leaves you, the DairPhone phone number and list of contacts remains with the business.

With DairPhone, you get a record of calls placed and received. This allows accounting for business use of personal cell phones without having to collect detailed mobile call records from each worker.

Secure your contacts

With DairPhone, there are two sets of detailed phone records: one set for the cell phone physical number and one set for the DairPhone number. Your business sees only the business DairPhone details and the employee's household sees only the personal called number detail on their physical cell phone bill. You gain the privacy advantage of issuing a company cell phone to separate out the records without the inconvenience of having two phones and at lower cost.

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